Center For Counselling & Therapy
221-560 Johnson St, Victoria, BC V8W 3C6, Canada. 250-380-9924,


Each therapist at The Centre for Counselling & Therapy is bound by a Professional Code of Ethics with strict guidelines. What transpires between yourself and your therapist in sessions is confidential and will not be released without your permission. This confidentiality is subject to specific legal and ethical limitations which will be discussed when your and your therapist first meet.

Each therapist has their own fee and availability schedule. The arrangements can be discussed prior to your initial appointment.

Funding for counseling may be available if:
  • You have employee extended health benefits
  • You have filed a police report & requested assistance from the Crime Victim Assistance Program.
  • You have First Nation status, have attended a Residential School or had a parent or care provider who attended a residential school.
  • You are hard of hearing or deaf and are eligible for services through the Deaf Well-Being Program.
  • There is sliding scale availability